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United 4 Wigan 0

United’s one nil wins were always going to come to an end. Either with a draw or loss, or with a team on the receiving end of a thumping. At half time today it looked like being the former for long period, especially with a referee determined to frustrate us and with injuries galore, but by full time it was the latter. Wigan were no match for combinations of Tevez, Rooney, Ronaldo, Giggs and Nani running at them throughout the second half and the score could have been much higher in the end.

The down side today was the injury situation. Saha injured in the warm up, Vidic off in the first half with concussion, O’Shea off with a thigh strain- none of these things made for a good day. However, football is a squad game and Simpson, Pique, Andersen,¬†Nani and others all stepped up to the mark to get this win. The best aspect of the victory was fast flowing, attacking football. We have missed this since April. Tevez looked the sharpest he has done so far, Ronaldo and Rooney worked playing off each other, and the back line was as solid as ever despite injuries and changes to the line up.

Away from the action on the pitch, which was the best we have seen all season, the atmosphere was terrible. It was flat from the kick off and a dismal first half did little to raise it. The performances of Tevez and co did lead to an improvement later on but it was still a pathetic effort by the crowd, aside from the booing as the ref denied us three penalties. Fortunately the players did not get deterred by the lack of noise or by the officials, and went on to win anyway.

It is now 8 consecutive games played in the league and Europe with¬†8 won and 8 clean sheets. United are yet to concede a goal at Old Trafford this season, aside from the Coventry game, and now have a 2 week break to get players fit before Villa. Hopefully the good form of the second half will continue now and the run of 1-0’s will have been the foundation for something better.

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