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Birmingham v Man Utd fan interview

I’m going to start posting an interview with a fan before each game both here and on United Online. This week Zain from the United Online forum answers a few questions.

1 - What do you think Sir Alex’s approach to this game will be given that Birmingham currently lie in 14th place. Will the side remain unchanged or are the likes of Nani, Anderson and Saha likely to be given a chance to impress?

I won’t be surprised if Sir Alex does bring in Saha instead of Tevez even though the Argentinian opened the scoring against Chelsea on Sunday.
Saha though needs few more minutes under his belt and has looked the more threatning player whenever he’s been brought on. Otherwise Giggs will still be starting in lace of Nani as you’d like to think you’d need experience in away games.

2 - What effect do you think the 2-0 loss to Coventry will have on the side? Will it be a knock to their confidence?

Won’t matter one bit. Completely different team, different tournament.

3 - Who are the key players for Birmingham that United should be wary of?

Olivier Kapo. He’s proved quite often his pace and shots can be quite dangerous and has performed well in the Champions League in the past.

4 - How will Birmingham fair in their return to the Premiership? Can they stay up?

Too early to tell, but they seem slighty more stable than perhaps the likes of Derby.

5 - Who have been the key players for United so far this season?

I’d like to go with Evra on that one as he’s performed excellent down that left flank not only going forward but also defensively. Some questions were asked at the beginning of last season when Heinze was sold as to how solid Evra is defensively. So far this season he’s proved he’s upto it.
Hargreaves as well, even though injured the past two weeks, has been one of the best players so far of the season and looks like he’s been playing in the Premiership since years.

6 - What is your opinion of Sir Alex’s dealings in the transfer market over the summer. Can Nani and Anderson live up to the hype, will Tevez adapt to United and is Hargreaves the missing link to United’s midfield?

Hargreaves I feel is going to play a major major role in United’s attempt for European glory this season. He’s already shown in the games he’s played how easily he has settled.

Anderson still has a while to go before he starts to get on the same wavelength as those around him on the pitch. He has a bit of time before he breaks through.

Nani will be crucial in replacing Giggs over the long term and has already shown signs of becoming a class player, however a player of his age, one would expect inconsistency in his performances.

Tevez, unfortunately, is too much like Rooney and perhaps not exactly what United needed. However if he learns not to drop back as much and play more as a target man, he may well get the goals that he is capable of.

7 - Can Manchester City sustain their challenge for a Champions League place?

They don’t have the experience in their ranks to maintain consistency over the season nor do they possess the quality.

8 - How will Chelsea fair without Mourinho? Can they recover from their 2-0 loss and challenge for the title?

They definitely will be challenging for the title, they’ve got too much quality not to. However I feel we will be seeing a Chelsea whose players would be much weaker mentally after Mourinho’s departure. Avram just doesn’t seem to inspire the same confidence in his current group of players.

9 - What kind of game are you expecting against Birmingham? They’re at home so will they attack in an open game and be looking for three points or will they sit back and defend, happy for a point?

They’re going to cramp the midfield, and force United to try and hold onto possession. It’s going to be a very tight game, with a lot of sloppy passes and hard tackles. Chances will be few and far between an taking them will be vital. A 1-0 to either side seems most likely.

10 - Predict the score.

Birmingham City 0 - 1 Manchester United

Giggs to get a sloppy goal in a dull match.

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