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Man Utd 1-1 Chelsea

This game was overhyped beyond all belief. Whichever team won would be only slightly better off than a few hours previously and the title race would not be decided either way. However, what does any of this matter when Sky have ratings predictions to hit? Queue media sensationalism, a so called title decider day in November, and a frenzy around the stadium which at least resulted in a great atmosphere.

You all know the score, a 1-1 draw that means Sky can overhype every game from now until May instead. United hammered Chelsea in the first half and showed why they are top of the league. Chelsea were fantastic in the second half, according to most commentators and the media, but I don’t remember United’s defence leaking any clear chances (the goal aside) and it was the home side that continued to make chances on the counter. How United did not score another is unfortunate, but Chelsea did keep possession well and took their goal well, so perhaps the point a piece was fair.

And so to the atmosphere; it is funny how Old Trafford can find its voice at times. It was a great atmosphere, the whole Stretford End stood throughout, and the away fans silences for large parts of the first half. George Best was remembered in style from the terraces, and Ashley Cole also had a fair amount of attention for very different reasons following his shocking tackle on Ronaldo. United fans did well (for once) and the stadium was well and truly alive.

So what now? United still three points clear, but with no squad, inevitable injuries on the horizon and Chelsea leaving Old Trafford with a swagger. However, the other side of the coin is that we have been saying this for a while, yet still find ourselves top. United have overcome tough and potential slippy games away at Bolton, Blackburn and Wigan whilst keeping a very decent home record in tact which has now seen the big three come and go. Of course we can probably expect United to go and drop points at home to City now!

The season is getting ever closer to the half way point, in which we usually have a better record. With this tiny squad that pattern may change, but noone has ever put Mourinho’s side under that much pressure and it will be interesting to see how Chelsea do in a title race with us breathing down their necks. Time will tell.

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