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Solskjaer Ode (Note to Gabriel Heinze)

By Hetixo

Dear Gabriel I’ll tell you a tale
About a man we picked up in a sale,
You might have missed him amidst the adulation
We gave to you and to your nation.

It’s about a man who knew the meaning
Of United’s faithful ever dreaming,
He never moaned, and never pondered
Given half a chance, he never squandered.

Always smiling, just like a friend
Scoring for fun at the Stretford End,
Ole Gunnar Solksjaer, a mouthful to some
For us it natural, it rolls off the tongue.

Gabi, we never knew how to say your name
But we still took to you all the same,
We sang for you; against the patriot fools
And you would forsake that to join Liverpool?

So many memories etched in our minds
Of Ole’s goals, of our golden find
Forest away? The scouser’s demise?
Or the Nou Camp heart stopper? A sight for sore eyes.

Now you’re off and Ole’s gone too
But he’s not forgotten, not like you
Gabi, we thought you gave two hoots
But you’re not fit to clean Ole’s hung up boots.

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