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United get first win of the season in ‘war of attrition’

With 3 games played, no victories and only one goal scored the next few games are must wins. All the expected title rivals had picked up full points already, but Spurs were unlikely to be an easy opposition. In the last few seasons they have impressed at Old Trafford and were unlucky not to win when the famous Mendes shot was not given as a goal, and last season unlucky not to get a draw when we ground out a result. Martin Jol was also under pressure and Spurs has big game players like Berbatov and Keane who are a real threat.

Fortunately United won the game. It was another poor performance but, unlike recent weeks, we got a bit of luck. At half time it was 0-0, United barely created a chance and it was the age old story of passing sideways in the middle third with no penetration. Nani, Scholes and Giggs all did their best to find red shirts in the box but rarely was there an option on. At half time people’s honest assessment was that we would struggle to win this one but nevertheless the concourse was full of singing and noise.

The team cam out for the second half knowing the importance of the 45 minutes ahead. The Stretford End got behind them and hoped for an improved performance but it did not seem to come. United kept possession well but chances were limited, whilst Spurs started to threaten on the counter attack and had several contraversial decisions go against them. I do not personally think either was a penalty but they were close calls and we were lucky the ref was unsighted, whilst Berbatov hit a stunning shot that almost curled in.

But United have always thrived on players who can produce a moment of magic to win a game. It is what Cantona did for years, as did Mark Hughes, and what Ronaldo did last season with Rooney alongside. When no one else yesterday stood up to be counted going forwards, Nani decided to smack a wonderful shot into the top corner out of nowhere and send the stadiunm in chaotic celebrations. After all, it has been a long time since we saw a home win!

The day was slightly soured by the idiot anti-semites in the ground who still find it funny to make gas chamber hissing sounds at the Spurs fans and sing ‘your support is full of Yids.’ The club won’t do anything about it as usual but amazing how acceptable that has become, and embaressing too - I expect that from City fans not Reds. One fat twat was especially impressed with his additions and refused to apologise when others were offended.

Ultimately United held on and won the game. The relief at the final whistle was amazing. Hopefully this will kick start the season and next Saturday should provide an opportunity for a stronger performance.

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