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United 3 Spurs 1

When the final whistle sounded at Blackburn I KNEW the title race was over, but when the final whistle sounded at Spurs v Chelsea last week I also realised I had been wrong. Now, all over again after Chelsea’s 7-0 win today, it looks like it could slip away. We are relying on a depleated Liverpool side, who have a tough game on Thursday night, to help win us the league. I just don’t see it happening, and have even made what I hope is a ridiculous error by giving my four Sunderland tickets away to deserving homes. Read more

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City 0 United 1

I could not bring myself to write after the Blackburn game last week. It was a disaster and, like most other people, I fully wrote the title off when the final whistle blew. Then watching Chelsea against Bolton on Tuesday only made me even more furious and resigned to the title race. Spurs beating Arsenal was great, but only to help us come second not first I thought. Then queue a crazy Saturday that has given me and most Reds a huge boost and put Chelsea in a seriously worrying situation. Read more

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United 1 Chelsea 2

Ever since the fixtures were published last June, this has been billed as the title decider. Had United won the match that may well have been the race finished, but losing does not necessarily rule us out. It is a huge blow, and one I am still dismayed about, but there could well be some twists and turns left yet. Chelsea are rightly going to be favourites from here and I won’t be remotely surprised if they stay top until May 8th, but all we can do is get behind our own side and hope the lads avenge this loss.

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