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United 1 Chelsea 1, 6-5 to the Reds on pens!

I missed the Barca 99 final due to a nasty exam scheduled for the next morning and have been desperate to see United get to another ever since. Whilst many Reds value the league as more important (but we had that in the bag this year anyway…!) I personally wanted to see us lift this trophy more, especially on the 5oth anniversary of Munich and the 40th of Wembley. The European Cup is the biggest club competition in the world and as my dad was there is 68 and 99 (and now 08) I have been brought up on stories of just how special those nights are. Read more

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Wigan 0 United 2

I’ll be honest- I am writing this having returned from Moscow, and so it it is written with a huge amount of hindsight and delight!

Wigan was fantastic for all the Reds there. The Read more

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Caution - John Terry Sign

Caution John Terry - Slippery When Wet Sign

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Man Utd 1-1 Chelsea (6-5 to Man Utd on penalties)

United never make it easy for the fans and inevitably always do things the hard way but for me personally, last night exceeded every game that I’ve ever seen United play in terms of a rollercoaster ride and the number of emotions felt.

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United 4 West Ham 1

There used to be a clothes label called ‘no fear’ which had the strapline ‘feel the fear, and do it anyway’. And at this stage of the season that is exactly what needs to be done. No doubt the players walking onto the pitch against West Ham had considered the pressure and the possibility of not winning, not just this game but the next ones too, and how they would react would be a huge test. Fortunately United ‘did it anyway’ and romped to a 4-1 victory in style to pile the pressure back on Chelsea and continue the strong form that saw Barcelona brushed aside on Tuesday. Read more

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