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Man Utd 3-0 Parma

A lot happened between the Ajax game and the Parma game that I wont go into in too much detail. But it roughly involved getting caught in the annual gay pride parade, eating very dodgy Indonesian food, watching pole dancing with my girlfriend, beer., weed and a good night out in the red light district.

In fact, in comparison to the Saturday, the day of footy on the sunday was quite boring! We had the same easy journey to the stadium and had a drink in a local ajax bar before heading off to the seats. The first match was us against Parma, and we destroyed them. Awesome performances by Butt and Veron transformed the team, and the Italians had few chances against our slick passing and crisp counter attacks. Yet again the atmoshere was subdued, and again it was down to all the weed being smoked!

The match ended and the United players came over to clap our support. They then left the pitch and most of the reds headed off into the night. Some of us, however, stayed to watch a thrilling 4-3 Ajax win over Barcelona.

The trip was fantastic, mainly due to relxed Dutch drug laws, late night drinking, quality football, and my girlfriend. The Dutch were great hosts and most reds are hoping we play ajax again in the european cup .

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Ajax 2-1 Man Utd

My girlfriend and I arrived in Amsterdam the afternoon of the match and went straight to the hotel to get rid of our bags. We then found our first ‘coffeeshop’ to sit down and have a smoke, before slowly finding the energy to make it to the stadium.

The Ajax Arena is superb. Modern, clean, loud and impressive;  it is one of my favourite grounds, and it was fantastic to see it fill up with fans as time ticked by. There were plenty of reds, but the atmosphere was subdued mainly due to the vast amounts of weed being smoked!

The first game was Parma V Barcelona which ended 4-2 to the Spaniards with all the goals coming in the first half. It was a thrilling match of football but the crowd were there to see United and Ajax and so the mood was a little impatient.

The teams finally came out to a great reception, and the game got underway. United lacked ambition and hunger right from the start, and Ajax fully deserved their win. Scholes’ consolation goal was superb, but the night belonged to the home team. When we needed an equaliser we had Danny Pugh and Forlan upfront; not our deadliest pairing!

The new songs mainly related to rio, with chants of ‘we all hate leeds scum’, and ‘leeds are our feeder team’ bellowing out. A rendition of ‘jordan, mcqueen, cantona and ferdinand’ reminded leeds fans of all their players we have stolen. Rio himslef had a solid match not making any errors, but in fairness he did not have too much to do.

After a fairly disappointing game we headed back into town; the night was young and I will refrain from writing about it in fear of getting into trouble! But you can read up on the Parma game to hear about the rest of the Dam trip.

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