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Aston Villa 2-3 Man Utd

The country almost rejoiced tonight. With 15 minutes to go the whole of England jumped joyously as the champions nearly crashed out of the cup. All around the country fans prepared to taunt United with Philip Neville jokes in a fashion almost as pathetic as the DiCanio songs last season. In Merseyside and Moss Side the pubs must have been packed with excited punters.

But instead tomorrow the nation will go to work (well, everyone but the scousers that is) wearing black armbands mourning the latest loss of the most supported team ever known, referred to as ABU (Anyone but United).

It all looked so good for them until the end. Despite United being the better side and having by far the better support in the stands, Villa found themselves 2-0 up and had the game as good as won. Yet Ruud came off the bench and the comeback kings were inspired to go on and win the tie. There were scenes of jubilation and pitch invasions as one of the greatest cup ties of recent years came to an end. No doubt the papers will report disgraceful hooligans marring a great result, but the invasions were completely peaceful and good natured. Beckham was carried around the ground on supporters’ shoulders, and he smiled continuously refusing to let the police drag him away. I made it onto the pitch briefly but the stewards started asking people to get off the pitch and not wanting any trouble most reds moved back.

The Villa fans had taunted the United faithful, of which there were 8000, with chants of ‘Are you City in disguise?’ and ‘Who the fuck are Man United?’. 10 minutes later the boot was on the other foot and the silenced Villa fans were forced to eat their words. ‘2-0 up we fucked it up, Villa is our name’ sang the red army.

On another happy note, Leeds lost to Cardiff, although the result there was marred by violence (no suprises). Arsenal face Liverpool in the next round and United go to Boro or Wimbledon. Great weekend all round, the red army is back on a roll and all our critics can eat their words. Man of the month; Ruud with his 10 goals in 7 games; not bad eh?!

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Man Utd 3-1 Newcastle

t was only three weeks ago that the title was lost and the scousers had it in the bag. Its funny what difference a few games makes isnt it?! All of a sudden we are favourites to win the title again; never write United off.

Before the game I didn’t know what to expect. United have had such eratic form and the Geordies have won at Highbury and Helland Road, so it was not an easy score to predict. Having said that I put a bet on Ruud scoring first and the final score being 2-1, so I was pretty close.

The stands were freezing cold but the atmosphere was red hot as the game started. Straight away United looked in control, their passing and closing down was superb, and the first goal was well deserved.

‘United are back’ and ‘we shall not be moved’ filled the air as the second and third goals went in, all from great team moves. The Geordies were silenced as Ruud, Keano and Butt controlled the game.

All in all a successful day. Now we are placed second and there was a general feeling of satisfaction around the ground. Leeds, Liverpool and Arsenal have tough games in coming weeks and apart from the Scousers United have a relatively easy run.

Remember the look of delight on the nation’s face when we were 11 points behind. Remember how the tabloids celebrated our downfall, how the era of domination was over, how Liverpool would regain their crown. Then remind your mates that trophies are won in May not November. Well done to the lads, bring on the Scousers.

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